RFID Auto-ID Solutions 

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Easy-LOCFIELD® Bumper

A ready to use and easy to install soft bumper with an embedded LOCFIELD® antenna.

Install onto doorways surrounds, shelves, conveyor systems, etc.

Easy-LOCFIELD® Bumper can be used to detect and communicate with UHF tagged items using UHF RFID Transponders.

The Easy-LOCFIELD® Bumper is a UHF RFID Antenna that can be used with any UHF RFID reader. 

Easy-LOCFIELD® Barrel 

Updating and refilling Kanban storage bins can be tedious and time-consuming.

Automate the refilling process of your consumer goods using the Easy-LOCFIELD® Barrel as the starting point.

All item carriers/bins equipped with RAIN RFID tags are recognised as soon as they are dropped into the Easy-LOCFIELD® Barrel.

The Easy-LOCFIELD® Barrel can identify and recognise the bins and can generate the notification via the RFID Reader.

This can then be integrated into your backend system for ordering and replenishment automatically.