Solution Partners Overview

These are a couple of the companies who we deal with

ABG Systems

ABG Systems are pioneers of IoT (Internet of Things) – for the management of textiles. 

ABG Systems design traceability and identification systems for any industry in need of more efficient product control and distribution. 

Perinet GmbH

Perinet are the pioneer in seamless connection of field level and operational IT.

Founded in 2018 they specialise in the seamless connection of field level information using hybrid single pair ethernet end to end communication.

Wilmsmeier Solutions

UHF RFID and Beyond. Wilmsmeier Solutions are specialists in using Easy-LOCFIELD® Antennas in UHF RFID Applications.

Radio Engineering Pupeza

Radio Engineering Pupeza are a small group of scientists and engineers with many years of experience in the research and development of microwave communication equipment and systems.

In 2015 Radio Engineering Pupeza was established and RFID solutions for transponders, smart multiplexers and specialist antennas were included in the portfolio.  

RFID Hardware

We have access to a selection of State of the Art RFID Hardware in the form of Fixed and Mobile Handheld Readers along with the associated Antennas and an in-depth range of RFID Transponders.

RTLS - Real Time Location Systems

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