Perinet Seamless IOT Connectivity

Starter Kits 

The Perinet Starter Kits are now available in two variants.

The Starter Kit Mini and the Starter Kit. Plus

These contain the Perinet Smart Components and the periMICA.

Perinet Smart Components are electronic components that can establish seamless communication without media disruptions between field devices and any IT system within the same local network.

The periMICA is a modular edge computer that can be customized according to your needs.

For more information please see the relevant product listing below for the Starter Kits.

Starter Kit Mini

This  Starter Kit is available in 3 variants and contains the following Perinet Smart Components:

The periNODE smart adapter 0-10V
periNODE smart adapter Pt100
periNODE smart adapter GPIO
periSTART media converter standard
periLINE hybrid SPE cable

This Starter Kit contains all components needed to connect the included sensor directly to your local network in a point-to-point setup and to visualize the sensor values via your web browser.

Starter Kit Plus

In addition to the Perinet Smart Components, the Starter Kit Plus also contains the periMICA modular edge computer along with the following:

periNODE smart adapter 0-10V
periNODE smart adapter GPIO
periSTART media converter standard
periSWITCH 3-port switch periLINE hybrid SPE cable periMICA modular edge computer

This Starter Kit Plus includes a more complex point-to-multipoint setup. In addition to two measurement sensors, it also includes a pre-configured periMICA modular edge computer.

With the help of the periMICA, both the visualisation of the sensor values through a Grafana dashboard and the detailed demonstration of our PKI2go – security concept, which ensures full protection of your data through end-to-end encryption, are possible.