ABG Systems S.P.A. Italy

The future of your services: identify, track and distribute all your items

REACHFOR IIOT Solutions LTD is very proud to be working with ABG Systems S.P.A. Italy as their UK Agent.

ABG Systems has an extensive and state-of-the-art range of solutions for the management, automated distribution and retrieval of textiles, accessories and workwear.



The management and care of linen and textiles in hospitals can be daunting. 

However embracing technology to assist in the task can also offer a reduction in time and investment in linen and textiles.

A textile management systems will improve cleanliness, hygiene and infection control.


Care Homes

Care homes are a very demanding and complex environment. 

The complexity of keeping staff clean and smart, the guests with clean laundry and the living areas clean and sanitised can impact on the support and wellbeing of the guests difficult.

An intelligent textile management solution can automate the process of maintaining a hygienic and sanitised care home for all.


The management in Hospitality can be especially complex and tricky. 

An Automated distribution system will enhance and reduce inventory as a tracking solution is able to keep an up to date inventory of the amount of linen used but also its allocation.


Space optimisation in gyms, swimming pools and spas can sometimes be intricate.

A management system for linens and textiles can enhance a customers experience but will also reduce losses and stolen textiles.


The management of high-tech staff workwear is an increasingly demanding burden for businesses. 

Occupational safety to comply with regulations means that protective clothing needs to be maintained and issued regularly.

The company is committed to issuing impeccable workwear on a daily basis. 

A distribution system for workwear is key to achieving the Safety regulations for specialised workwear.



Using RFID for bulk laundry handling is a very efficient and effective way to increase linen throughput.

Automated track and trace solutions require and initial investment so that manual handling of bulk linen becomes less of an issue. The impact on the business means that there are less losses, tracking of customers order becomes seamless and increases throughput.

The major benefit of RFID based track and trace solution in a laundry environment is the increased throughput of linens as an automated solution means less manual handling of the orders.