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The Internet of Things

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As a title “The Internet of Things” can be a bit misleading. 

In the first instance, you envisage a range of physical objects connected to a sensor of some description that can then process and exchange its data with other connected items via a network to the "Internet". 

The "Internet" could be a database which shows the condition, location, usage or even quantity.  

However, in real terms these "objects" do not need to be connected to a network but can be standalone and as long as you can address them, they in turn become part of the "Internet of Things".

Being addressable means that you can then associate "where, what, when, who and why" very easily. 

The Internet of Things is typically associated with the Smart Home environment, Smart Cities, Wearables and Traffic Management to name a few. But IoT is so much more. Think about IoT from an Industrial point of view.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) now takes on a whole new meaning. 

  • Wired and Wireless Sensors:

Sensors are key to the success of the Internet of Things. This allows for the physical measurement of items. Temperature, pressure, vibration, humidity, and CO2 to name a few. Anything you can "measure" can potentially have a sensor fitted. Using wired or wireless solutions can be cost-effective but have the benefit of keeping the costs down of wiring multicore cabling in some instances.

  • Edge Computing:

Edge Computing is having the capacity to minimise the amount of data needing to be transmitted to a data centre. In many instances being able to corollate data at the point of access on a machine means that you can keep the overhead of data being sent to servers to a minimum. Edge Computing is all about processing data locally.

This in turn can reduce the costs of data storage substantially. Edge Computing should be a key part of any Digital Strategy that you implement.

  • Networking:

With the Internet, if Things networking is key. the strategy you adopt could mean the success or failure of the project. the available solutions could be either a wired to a wireless solution. The wired solution can typically be based on an ethernet backbone and wireless could be anything from Bluetooth, to WIFI and up to 5G mobile communication.

  • RFID - Radio Frequency Identification:

RFID as a technology has been around for many years and in some instances has been considered a technology that very little is known about or appreciated. this however is changing. The various frequencies that are used in RFID all have their benefits and in particular are specialists in certain applications. 

UHF in particular appears to be gaining the upper hand in many applications because of its flexibility in reading high volumes of transponder very quickly at a range of between a couple of metres to tens of metres. Typically though the standard RFID transponder is passive although active transponders are also used in many applications.

RFID transponders (tags) can be considered as the most cost-effective for tracking purposes and depending on the version could cost from a few pence to a couple of £'s depending on reading range, application and ruggedness of the requirements in an application. Some transponders can handle high pressures but also high temperatures. 

  • RTLS - Real Time Location Systems:

RTLS Systems are gathering impetus in some applications where the accuracy of tracking is very important. The implantation of an RTLS solution can have a massive effect on the accuracy and efficiency of an asset-tracking application. 

The real-time data that RTLS imparts improves the time used to locate items very quickly as they are tracked live. 

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Who We Are...

We are a UK-based Consultancy and Agent and Consulting Services for the Industrial Internet of Things and RFID Applications and Solutions.

These are a few of the Companies we are Agents for:

1) ABG Systems:

System Solutions for the automated distribution of textiles and uniforms. The Track and Trace of textiles and linens for everything from Healthcare, to Hospitality, to Wellness, to Industry and to Laundries

2) Perinet GmbH:

Field-Level IIOT converters and Modular Industrial Edge Computers using Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) communications technology.


RFID UHF Antennas for rugged applications including Rail, High Temperature and Hospital Environments.

4) Wilmsmeier Solutions:

The Easy-LOCFIELD® Antenna solution for doorways, shelves and conveyor systems.

5) RFID Hardware:

A selection of state-of-the-art Industrial Fixed and Handheld RFID Readers and Antennas.  


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